Case study - 2024

Adding suppliers to the platform

New product feature for Sayari Map

📝 Project overview


Previously, customers could only add suppliers to the platform through batch upload, requiring them to upload a CSV file. However, we have received feedback from customers that it would be helpful to have a quick and easy way to add suppliers on the go, in case they come across a supplier they want to investigate later in their workflow.


Build a secondary workflow that enables customers to add suppliers ad hoc without creating a CSV file.


Rhea Rakshit – Senior Director of Product Management

Henry Penyonin – Product Manager 

Sean Yalda – Front-end Developer


Phase 01 of this feature, launched in Q1 2024, supports a secondary workflow for adding suppliers to the platform on an ad hoc basis. The system searches for uploaded attributes in the database and automatically adds matches to the platform.

Phase 02 will incorporate design partner feedback by allowing customers to review matches before adding them to the platform.

Adding suppliers to the platform

💭 The process


I brainstormed ideas to address the problem and came up with two approaches:

  1. Add basic search functionality – our flagship product, Sayari Graph, already has this feature, so we could reuse those components.
  2. Allow customers to add supplier attributes – the system would search for uploaded attributes in the database and automatically add matches to the platform.

After discussing this with my team, we decided Option 02 was the best approach. Option 01 would require customers to navigate search results, which is more of a Sayari Graph use case. Once we finalized the approach, I moved into FigJam and brainstormed workflow ideas.

Single upload – workflow ideas

Presented workflows to my squad

We decided to phase this feature out for quick implementation and as a way to gain additional feedback to validate the review step.

While brainstorming, I thought of an additional review step to enhance the user experience. This step would allow customers to see the matches before automatically adding them to their supplier list which could potentially help customers confirm the accuracy of the matches and ensure they are satisfied with what is being added to their supplier list.

Phase 01:

Customers would complete the “single upload” workflow in a modal. This option was straightforward, solved the problem, and required minimal development time.

Phase 01 workflow

Phase 02:

Customers could review their matches before adding them to their list. As a result, this workflow requires a full-screen takeover with an additional side sheet design. This approach required additional design thinking and development time, and we needed customer feedback supporting the importance of the review step.

Phase 02 workflow

Final designs

Setting the batch upload option as the default, while providing the option to choose a different upload type, proved to be the most intuitive approach.

Customers typically come to the platform with a CSV file containing multiple suppliers. While “single upload” serves as a more of an ad hoc or secondary action, the design outlined in Option 01 allows customers to quickly and immediately upload their files without needing to select an upload type first.

Ideation – allow customer to pick upload type to begin workflow

Final – selected most used option by default, with option to switch

Added to our design system

I created a new inline notification component for our design system to solve when no matches are returned.

I had to consider the possibility of returning no matches, which meant there needed to be a way to inform the customer of this and prompt them to either edit their attributes and try again or save the “no match” result to the supplier list.

This inline notification component displays above the attribute fields in the modal when no matches are returned.

I also updated the banner component to match the new inline notification component that I created to maintain consistency.

No matching entity found

Error state – no name inserted

New components


Customers retain easy access to the batch upload option, along with a new workflow that allows them to add suppliers on an ad hoc basis.

This project was a direct result of customer feedback. After launching the MVP version of Sayari Map, we figured this would be a pain point, and customers confirmed that.

By phasing this project out, I could design and develop a solution quickly. That also allowed for a more iterative process and timely customer feedback to help guide what phase 02 should look like.

I would present this solution to our design partners for feedback and ask if a review step would be helpful. If it would be, I would quickly show some low-fidelity designs for more feedback.