Arenal Hotel 

The Task

This assignment required me to update the identity design of a hotel located outside of the US. Having loved my time visiting Costa Rica, I chose a hotel located in La Fortuna.  

Since Arenal Observatory Lodge & Spa is the only hotel located within the Arenal Volcano National Park, their identity should revolve around their premium location. The mood board and logo sketch below convey my initial modern exploration, compared to their current art direction.

The updated mark

The new logo is simplistic and authentic.

It contains the same charm as their previous logo, but more refined. The simple shapes making up the volcano and the script font speak to the relaxed way of life in Costa Rica.


A revitalized palette

This palette highlights the lush colors of the rainforest.

Their previous colors competed with the rainforest. These three modern earth tones complement the lush greenery and exotic flowers found in nature.

El Café del Bosque  

The Forest Café

The onsight café’s identity design builds off the main logo and color palette. The logo uses their signature font in an innovative way, while pops of color are introduced on the menu and coffee packaging.

UI Design 

For this assignment, I designed responsive wireframes.

Since I was tasked with updating their existing website, I had all of the information I needed. Their previous website was cluttered and confusing. Again, I wanted to focus their identity around their unique location within the Arenal Volcano National Park. I transformed their landing page to highlight all of the exclusive activities to do within the park since this is the closest hotel to the Arenal Volcano.