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Our Story

I created Bloomed Co after losing one too many coffee plants during long east coast winters. I set out to design a versatile fixture that both looks great and provides adequate light to plants regardless of the time of year or location within your space.

Based in New York, Bloomed Co exists to inspire growth by merging the gap between humans and nature. Houseplants do wonders for our mood and creativity. They improve our health and even clean the air we breathe.

However, one of the biggest challenges to growing indoors is light. Our handcrafted products allow people to successfully be part of the indoor growing process, witnessing their bohemian oasis flourish.




Our Mission

We believe the indoor growing experience should be as effortless as choosing your plants. Bloomed Co strives to inspire growth by merging the gap between humans and nature. We provide your indoor oasis a means to flourish by offering handcrafted products that fit with your personal style and budget.




Identity Design
UI Design

I opted to use WooCommerce for my WordPress site. This open-source eCommerce solution was perfect for my needs. The platform is free and flexible, which gave me the oppertunity to inspect and modify various aspects of the code to increase the responsiveness between different devices.