Clinton Bailey Farmer's Market


Clinton Bailey Farmer’s Market


Social Media Management

The Task

During my time at SB Marketing, this was one of the clients I worked with. My main goal was to build exposure while captivating a younger audience.  

Upon reviewing their Facebook Page Insights, I saw which type of posts received the most interaction. Those posts were generally posted early in the morning and listed produce that was in season. I took that into consideration when posting three times a week to Facebook.

After researching the content of neighboring farmer’s markets social media accounts, I decided to make Clinton Bailey an Instagram account. I also made custom GIFs for customers to use when posting stories at the market.


Due to the time of my internship we decided not to boost any of my postings. However, their Facebook account post engagement and page follows grew 20% during my time with SB Marketing. The instagram account I created also grew over 100 followers within a few weeks.