Silo Acres: Our Mission


Silo Acres is a place of innovation that has lead to the inception of our renowned grow lamps. We operate Buffalo’s largest urban farm located around the historic grain elevators of Silo City. We grow over 10,000 pounds of organic produce each and every year.


Aside from growing and distributing fresh local veggies and herbs to local restaurants and vendors, Silo Acres provides educational platforms to help people start their own home garden. Our goal is to not only provide our city with the freshest produce possible, but also inspire residents to take part in planting and maintaining their own gardens.



Color Palette

The pumpkins on the invitation were modeled and rendered in a 3D program.

Summer Display

All of the floral displays and wreathes were made from recycled greenery that I received from my banquet design job. There’s always so much greenery left over after weddings and various events which usually just gets thrown out. I wanted to give it new purpose, so I dried everything and worked strictly with what I could get my hands on.

Blueberry Print
Spring Display
Asparagus Print
Fall Display
Fall Display
Carrot Print
Winter Display
Garlic Print
Light Temperature Display
Light Temperature Display II
Light Temperature Display
Light Temperature Display

I made three wooden display boxes to give my light temperature display some height and add rustic hints to this modern room. Like the greenery, I also reworked wooden pallets to make these.

Overcast Lighting
Incandescent Lighting
LED Lighting

Those four lighting prints were used to describe the effect that natural light had on the growth of plants versus artificial lighting. Plants respond differently to various light temperatures. In the end, 6500 K LED bulbs best mimic the natural light that the sun gives off and they are considered to make the best grow lamps.

Light Temperature Display
Lamp Product Tag
Product Tag
Silo Acres Tote
Website (desktop version)
Website Layout