Silo Acres

An innovative urban farm based in Buffalo.


Senior Exhibition



I designed the identity of an urban farm, Silo Acres. My show focused on the retail and educational aspects of this company.

The show allowed me to merge my design interests with my hobbies. My roles: identity & UI design, photography, advertisements, and displays & merch.


I used Blender to model and light a scene of pumpkins for my postcards. Once rendered, I brought them into Photoshop and applied various textures to help roughen the invitation.

Web Design

A modern, simplistic design was needed for Silo Acres. Based on initial research, the norm for the majority of urban farm websites, and the unique aspects of this company, I separated content into four main sections: farming practices, gardening tutorials, our grow lamps, and markets/vendors. I also included a YouTube video on the main page since it serves as Silo Acre’s main educational platform.

YouTube Channel 

Silo Acre’s Youtube channel serves as its main educational platform. Throughout the year they create videos on various gardening topics. These videos help them connect with the existing local community while building exposure beyond Buffalo, NY.

The Exhibition Space

I designed a pallet display in the middle of the room, which contained lighting information for various plants. Four seasonal displays bordered the perimeter of the room. These contained grow lamps, seasonal greenery, merch, and informational prints.

Grow Lamp Development 

While I was initially brainstorming ideas for Silo Acres, I’ve discovered the limited market of aesthetically pleasing grow lamps. My lamp idea came from one of my early design courses in college, Intro to 3D Design. I created a concrete desk lamp that illuminated a photograph for my final. I took its basic design and set out to create an industrial yet elegant grow lamp.

The body of each lamp is concrete, while the wire is wrapped in cord to soften the minimal design and provide textural contrast. I’m not much of a wiz when it comes to power tools, so I opted to use legos for the concrete cast as seen below.

Seasonal Prints
Lighting Prints 
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