Terminal Terror Event Promotion


I was asked to take an existing event and rebrand it. I chose Beyond Ghosts’s Para-History Tour at the Buffalo Central Terminal. I decided to change the name of the event to Terminal Terror so that it reflected Buffalo’s historic building.

postcard (front)
postcard (back)

I inverted a photograph of the terminal on the front of the postcard to contrast the simple, vector logo on the back. The texture and border were carried throughout the entire promotion.


To maintain consistency, I also inverted a photo of a hallway for the background of the poster. The logo was set at a lower opacity because I wanted the informational text on the bottom to be more of the focal point, rather than the logo.


I took this photo in downtown Buffalo and thought it represented my promotional direction. This banner appeared, to me, as the best representation of my advertisement because it is a more realistic way in which this would be publicized.

social media

An instagram page was made to reach a younger demographic. Also, it made for an easier way to display a heavily visual event. The photos I shot along with my event advertisements encompass the cool toned color palette seen throughout the entire promotion.